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The magazine Sdelovaci technika is your gateway to the Czech market: present your news and solutions, find new distributors for your products, contact professionals & customers directly at our events!


Leading Czech specialized publishing house Sdelovaci technika (Communication Technology) publishes a journal of the same name, runs a web portal and organizes conferences and seminars. For more than sixty years, the magazine Sdelovaci technika is a source of information from the world of electronics,  electrical engineering and telecommunications. Our website offers news from various areas of the technologic world, as well as the electronic version of the magazine.


Regular topics of our magazine are:

  • Electronic components and systems
  • Technology trends
  • Measuring and testing technology
  • Telecommunications and multimedia
  • Information technologies
  • Smart technologies
  • Education, science and research
  • Fairs and exhibitions

Target group of the magazine, conferences and seminars are experts in ICT, electronic systems and structural elements, electronic measuring and testing systems, multimedia and TV broadcasting:

according to profession

according to sectors

Advertising in Sdělovací technika

Advertising in Sdělovací technika pays off. Hundreds of clients return and regularly present their companies and products on the pages of this professional monthly magazine. Our advantage is the specialized target group with a high proportion of management and people authorized to make investments. Our Advertising Department offers help to small companies with graphic design and formulation of their ads.

Advertising on our website

More than 3,500 visitors regularly return to our website for latest news from the world of technology, media and communication. Monthly they open over 10,000 pages. Thus we provide an easy way to reach your potential customers such as engineers, managers, students, technology suppliers and other relevant readers.


For more information, please, download our Mediatada PDF
or contact Jan Jiricek,, +420 274 819 625.


Our conferences are regular opportunities that bring together professionals, suppliers and users of technologies, government representatives and members of professional organizations. To our partners we offer an easy way to present their innovations and solutions in form of an presentation or exhibition, or through the distribution of printed materials.


Beside of the magazines, the publishing house Sdělovací technika publishes literature about electronics, telecommunications and technologies in general, about health care, and leisure. There is a rich offering of books for professional and general public on technical and medical topics, as well as textbooks for universities.


Please contact us for more information:




RNDr. Petr Beneš, Publisher

Tel.: +420 274 819 625

        +420 603 417 948